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Starfleet Uniforms Don’t Come in Plus Sizes

I’ve been engaging in a marathon attempt to watch all 7 seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.  I’ve been a Trekkie all my life, and it seems that I’ve never seen a fat person in a Starfleet uniform.

Netflix recently added all the episodes of every Star Trek franchise to the streaming selections.  I started with Voyager because Kathryn Janeway is my favorite of all the Starship captains.  I admit that I’m a bit slow on the uptake that it’s taken me until now to observe sizism in the Roddenberry ouvre.

Why in the seven billion names of God would a franchise that so espouses diversity be sizist?  The original Star Trek showed us our first inter-racial kiss.  The original starship Enterprise showed us a crew comprised of black, Anglo, Russian, Asian and Vulcan shipmates all working in “harmony.”  We’ve seen Cardassian work with Betazoid and Klingons learn to work with Romulans.  And yet, the only “fatties” on a star ship are all either the comic relief or universally portrayed as villians.

Starfleet uniforms don’t come in plus sizes.

We’re to assume that being overweight is a disease that has been eliminated, although food replicators can produce ANY food the mind can conceive, from any star system the universe?

I’ve seen some pretty ugly sons-a-bitches on Voyager (the Vidiians are up-chuck fodder) so why should a few love handles be considered unsightly.  Neelix is a bit on the pudge side, but he’s not Starfleet.

Let’s hope that Rick Berman comes up with another Trek franchise, and a few size 20 ensigns enlist.

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