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84 Square Feet

George Carlin put it best:

“Ever notice how someone else’s stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?”

We live in a 3-story house (counting the finished basement) with a detached garage.  For the past 10 years, I’ve been waging a steady war of attrition against the shit stuff Chad and I accumulated over our separate lifetimes.

It’s very easy to categorize folk for one reason or another.  When it comes to stuff, there are the kind of folk who keep it forever and the kind who toss it.  He’s a keeper, aka Packrat.  I’m a tosser, aka HONEYWHERE’DMYSTUFFGO?

I admit to having a weakness for the collector bug, and have had to divest myself of several collections of things over the years.  What the heck was I thinking about when I collected a box full of silly slammers?  Or that full set of Teddy Grahams Bears?  I’ve had to stop myself several times from paying RIDICULOUS money on ebay for the last two Washington Nationals racing presidents bobbleheads, because I don’t have the full set.

Item image

I have bins and bins of yarn I’ll never knit, and a box of cross stitch patterns I’ll never sew, but all of that is only part of the contents of ONE CLOSET.  The rest of that closet and most of another room….are occupied by


Model Airplane Kits.  Model Spaceship Kits.  Model Spaceplane Kits.  Spaceshuttle Kits.  Model Cars.  Model Trains.  Boxes and boxes of magazines and new car brochures that occupy about 60 linear feet of shelf space.

That’s only in my office/craft room, and doesn’t count the bin after bin of spare computer cables, guitars, guitar cables, computer parts, old cassette mix tapes, VHS tapes and the rest of the Packrat Pile that (at least) is packed away off the floor (for the most part).


We have 3 years….until I retire and we move into:

84 square feet of luxury!  I’m only sort of kidding.  We’re actually looking at an A-frame chalet that will be about 1200 square feet and very short on storage space.

The fact is that we are very happy for long stretches in this 84 sq. ft. camper.  All that STUFF in the house is not really necessary.




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