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Building a Green Log Cabin with a Blue Roof


Kickstarter officially approved our campaign…

to finance the research and design of a modern log home with as many green/energy and environmentally sensible technologies as we can make feasible and still make it an attractive, comfortable, desirable and resellable home.

 If you contribute, we have some decent swag for donors, including cool photos and weekends in our Little Cabin in the Woods.

Why Kickstarter?

  1. Green energy technologies are EXPENSIVE.
  2. WV is  black hole for new technogies, and that’s where this cabin will be built.  Currently, there are no providers for solar energy collectors, geothermal heat pumps or other such technologies, so we need money to entice them to participate.
  3. Consultants cost money.  We have an expert, Dr. Charles Pickering, right in our WV back door, who has designed and built the first LEEDS * certified home in WV.  He’d like to be paid to participate in this project.  After all, this is his source of income. 
  4. Try going to a bank for this kind of funding.  In West Virginia.  In RURAL West Virginia.  Seriously.*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification



Click this link to download a BRIEF slide slow about the technologies we hope to consider.  littlecabin

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