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Round is a Shape, Too!

The subtitle to this post might well be a direct quote from Futurama’s Bender-the-Robot:  “Kiss my shiney metal ass.”  Only my ass isn’t shiny or metal.  It’s fleshy and white and very, VERY broad, and round, and, well, WOMANLY.  And you know what else, my husband loves it…no he ADORES it.

This may come as a big surprise to the media and the thin-is-in world “out there”, but life is packed with a whole bunch of flesh-and-bone men who are not perverted, fetishers or twisted, but good, old-fashioned sweethearts who “like a little cushion in the pushin.”

This page will be dedicated and devoted to celebrating women of size and shapliness.  Thin isn’t a shape, it’s a line.  You have to have curves to have a shape.  Discrimination against the obese and overweight is alive and kickin in this world, and (shamefully, as I will illustrate later) it is not illegal except in (God bless em) Wisconsin.


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