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How Apple will take over the free world (or am I paranoid)

I am beginning to think a bit like the Unabomber, except that I really like technology.  So much so that I’m pecking out this post on an HP Touchpad.  Sadly, this will be my last from the beautiful webOS tablet.  It goes back to the barn tomorrow for a full price refund…all $674 for the pad and case.

That brings me to the point of this post.  HP stunned both the tech and business worlds this past Friday with the announcement that they were shunning the consumer market.  CEO Leo Apotheker seemed to blame “it” all on the poor showing of the month-old Touchpad.  It hadn’t sold well, so HP was shuttering the entire webOS line AND all other consumer-oriented products.

It seems Leo doesn’t like dealing with whiney customers.  He came from SAP, didn’t he?  No hardware to return, no warranties….customer service at HP must have been driving him nuts.   Having to actually market the stuff likely boiled his blood.

That’s one possibility.  I think something more sinister may be at work.  Why would HP sell off their consumer business when they are turning a profit?  Could it be because they are being courted by a merger partner that already sells computers and tablets and lots of phones?  Such a merger would only be greatly facilitated by the nosedive HP’s stock took this weekend.

There is a company which:

  • Has tried for years to break into the enterprise market
  • Does not already make servers or write server code
  • Does already make and market millions of phones, laptops and music players
  • Is sitting on enough cash to buy out the National DebtIt all makes too much sense.  Once Apple has HP, then they are inside every major corporation, school and government agency.  With HAPPle servers running the network, why not put an iPad and iPhone in every user’s hands “for efficiency”?  HAPPle will probably offer a helluva bundle deal for its enterprise clients.

    Here’s where I let my paranoia show.  Those iPads and iPhones, with their front-facing cameras, in every office, every home, every bedroom, recording every conversation, make the ultimate opportunity for “Big Brother” to watch over us.

    27 years ago we cheered at the Apple commercial that parodied the movie “Nineteen Eighty Four”, as a girl threw a sledgehammer at the giant screen depicting the face of Big Brother.  By the year 2014, Apple will be well on the way to becoming the very thing they proclaimed themselves to be against.

    To paraphrase:  money corrupts.  Unlimited money corrupts infinitely.

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