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Meet the cats

The queen, Camille

Named after the 1969 hurricane, because, as a kitten, she resembled nothing more than a very bad storm cloud.  She’s done much to deserve that reputation.  She’s a natural Nebelung.  Camille, born about Memorial Day, 1999, is 9 pounds of fluffy, soft fur, claws, hiss and attitude.  She’s incredibly smart, unbelievably funny and easily bored.  She’s also quite attached to me, and quick to reach out a paw in the night if I need comfort.  At times I hate her and often love her so much I can’t imagine life without her. She is all sweetness and cuddles in the bed, but everywhere else, a half-stroke too much will likely get you slashed and bloody.  Paradoxically she loves small children and will run up to every tiny tot in the neighborhood as they walk by, insisting on being petted. Camille’s favorite pastime is keeping the world safe from the dreaded fuzzy ball.  They are evil, pernicious attack aliens that sneak up on a kitty, catch her by the nose, and flip her down the stairs.  They must be destroyed!!

The bunny exterminator, Clawed de Pussy

This is Chad’s familiar.  Chad and Clawed are one soul in two bodies.  Clawed is a big, 13-pound lumpof soft, thick fur and sweetness who will put up with anything–except strangers.  He’s a scairdy cat, and runs to ground, hiding in tiny spaces in a basement closet during thunderstorms.  The neighbor’s son hasn’t seen him in years! When Chad comes home, however, Clawed shows up from wherever he’s been hiding, insisting on his “power petting”, and the two of them engage in an embarrasing display of “wrong–just wrong” unmanly love fest.  Nobody ever explained to them that cats aren’t supposed to like it.

Noelle, aka Piglet, the fat one

We adopted her from the Loudoun shelter because, as you can see, she looks like Clawed.  She celebrates ever event in her day with a trip to the crunchy bowl.  She gets lots of exercise, but she just loves to eat!  When she runs (very fast) that belly sways like a pendulum.  She’s 15 pounds of kitty in a 5 pound sack.  Noelle is sweet, and shy, and mostly just loves to hang around and get her big belly rubbed a couple of times a day.  The rest of the time she is content to watch the birds and everything else.  She is …always…watching.  Noelle is a spy for the cat underground.  She is always watching us.  And when we go down for breakfast in the morning she greets us with a happy chirp and a little twirling dance at the crunchy bowl.  Who could ask for more?

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