Too many words for Facebook & Twitterville

BlairOpolis….caveats and emptors

This is a city built of pages, pages built of words, and words constructed around ideas, images, events and emotions.

You entered, therefore you must be interested in something contained herein.  Unlike the infamous “Hotel California”, You can check out anytime you like, and you can leave.  If you disagree with the opinions expressed on these pages, enter the dialogue but, (and there always is a but–or a butt–) we INSIST:

  • you use your “inside voice”
  • you attempt to use logic, common sense or the brains your mama gave you
  • you remain polite and at least somewhat considerate
  • you stay on topic
  • you comment in English.

All posts and replies are moderated.  Period.  End of story.  Thank you.  The moderator gets to decide what gets posted and what gets trashed.  If you are abusive, stupid, ignorant, or a nOOb, your post will be as likely to see publication on this blog as bottled farts making it into a Chanel cologne.

Oh yeah…if you can’t take PG language, adult inference, double entendre’ or sarcasm….you might not want to read this blog, either.


You can reply, but if I think you're being offensive or overly stupid, I may not let it be posted.

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